The urgency of China’s demand for new energy

The urgency of China's demand for new energy

When talking about the current situation and future development of China’s energy, the relevant energy strategy experts expressed great concern, they believed that China is facing a huge challenge to meet the sustainable energy supply. In the next 20 years, due to industrialization and urbanization, China’s electricity demand will increase by 200%, accounting for about 13% of the world’s electricity demand, which is equivalent to the total power generation of the entire Western Europe in 2020. China’s oil demand has accounted for 6.3% of the world’s demand, and by 2020, the demand will reach 430 million tons, accounting for 8.5% of the global demand.

The 2005 “China Energy Development Report” pointed out that my country’s current energy structure is: electricity as the center, coal as the foundation, oil and natural gas as the focus, and nuclear energy as the auxiliary. About 70% of the electricity is thermal power generation using coal as raw material.

Problems such as lack of energy resources, unreasonable structure, low utilization efficiency and heavy environmental pollution in my country are still very prominent. By 2020, the GDP should be quadrupled, even if energy consumption is only doubled again, the total primary energy consumption will be reduced. To reach 3 billion tons of standard coal, an additional coal production capacity of about 1 billion tons needs to be added. In the future, my country will bear the heavy pressure of energy resource depletion, environmental pollution and ecological damage.

Ten years from now, my country will become the world’s largest consumer of mineral resources, and by 2050, my country will become the world’s largest energy consumer. However, according to the existing energy and resource usage patterns, there will be serious ecological damage and environmental pollution. my country has become the country with the most serious soil erosion in the world. The soil erosion area has reached more than 40% of the country’s land area. The desertification area has accounted for 1/3 of the country’s land area. The degradation of grassland and cultivated land is serious. 1/2 of the level, and is rapidly decreasing. Relying on the consumption of such huge energy resources to support my country’s future economic growth is not enough for China’s existing petrochemical resources, and it is also unbearable for China’s already extremely fragile environment.

Western developed countries, with a total population of no more than 1 billion, took two centuries to complete the modernization process by occupying and plundering 90% of the world’s energy resources. Energy resources need to be basically modernized within decades, which is an extremely arduous and complex task.

Simple mathematical calculations, the harsh reality of pollution everywhere, and the use of energy supply by foreign forces as a vicious means of constantly coercing, interfering, and undermining my country’s economic development and social stability have all proved that my country’s existing energy use model has turned red. For some countries, choosing to use new energy sources is a matter of time and time, but for China, the use of new energy sources is the only way out.

The evolution of the world’s energy structure has entered a transitional period. The main feature of the energy revolution is to gradually replace the depleted, non-renewable, in-consumption In the process of producing polluting fossil energy, this transition time needs to last from several decades to 100 years. This period is a critical period of our country’s modernization process. The major task facing our generation of Chinese is to adhere to people-oriented, adhere to the coordinated development of economy and society, vigorously develop and promote new energy sources such as solar energy, protect the environment, implement the sunshine economy, alleviate the crisis of energy resources in our country, and then realize the grandeur of China’s modernization. Target.

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