The harm caused by the greenhouse effect on our earth. 1 article amazing makes it clear!

The harm caused by the greenhouse effect on our earth

What harm does the greenhouse effect bring to our earth? In recent years, our summer and autumn are getting hotter and hotter. Why is it getting hotter? The originally cool autumn now almost starts in late October. The hottest time in August is about 40 degrees. Why is this? It turns out to be the greenhouse effect.

The harm caused by the greenhouse effect on our earth

Speaking of the greenhouse effect, everyone should be familiar with it. With the rapid development of human high technology, science has produced side effects. That? When the weather is hot, many people think about it at home.

The coolness brought by air conditioning, but have you ever thought about the negative effects of air conditioning? The answer is of course yes. The gas emitted by air conditioning contains a variety of chemical gases, a large amount of methane bowl. Freon, etc. are transported to the outside. The impact of methane on the greenhouse effect is also huge. Methane is also a gas that causes global warming. At the same time, air conditioning will waste a lot. Try to use fans and manual fans, and use air conditioners appropriately.


There are many reasons for the greenhouse effect, air conditioning emissions are only one of them, and another reason is carbon dioxide. Automobile exhaust and factory exhaust contain a lot of carbon dioxide, and carbon dioxide is most likely to cause greenhouse effects. Moreover, people are using more and more cars now.

According to statistics, there are more than 700 million cars in the world in the 21st century, and a large amount of exhaust emissions makes the blue sky blocked by harmful objects, making us cough and sore throats. The most important thing is global warming. Some people have calculated that the per capita carbon dioxide emissions in the United States have reached 20 tons per year, and the per capita carbon dioxide emissions in China are 2.5 tons per year.

Our current environment is changing badly. There are more important reasons, people are concerned about deforestation, waste of water resources, serious damage to the ecological chain, and a large amount of barren land. According to statistics, 10% of the world’s freshwater supply has become a problem. At the same time, a large amount of sand has been mined and used.

In June 1992, heads of state and government from all over the world gathered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to sign the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Why has climate change, such an ordinary scientific issue, become so concerning?

The result of continuous deterioration

It turns out that since the Industrial Revolution, due to the large-scale burning of fossil fuels and the destruction of forests by humans, the content of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the global atmosphere has increased by 25% in a hundred years. If the current rate of increase in CO2 concentration continues, the content of CO2 in the atmosphere will double by 2100.

According to the assessment report released by the United Nations, the global average temperature will rise by 1.0 to 3.5℃ at that time, which will cause the melting of polar ice and the rise of sea level by 15 to 95 cm, thus submerging large economically developed coastal areas and may cause a series of other serious problems. Governments around the world have begun to pay attention to this situation and its harmful consequences, and jointly discuss the issue of reducing CO2 emissions.

Gases cause atmospheric pollution, and at the same time, ozone is severely damaged. The ozone layer holes in the Arctic and Antarctic have aggravated the deterioration of the environment. Such a vicious cycle will eventually lead to serious damage to people’s lives. What will be the tragedy of this?

Of course. The weather is not warming up yet. The sea level rises and the glaciers in the Arctic and Antarctic melt. Haiming cities. The island countries were flooded, all of which seriously affected human survival. Scientists have proved that in the next 300 years, the sea level will rise by more than half a meter. Maybe in another seven years, global warming will continue irreversibly.

What is more terrible is that due to the melting of Arctic glaciers, rainfall has increased, and a large amount of freshwater has flowed into the North Atlantic. The Mexican warm current has been destroyed. Once the Mexican warm current is cut off, the temperature in northwestern Europe will drop by 5 to 8 degrees, and the impact is likely to trigger a new ice age.

Earth's polar ice melts, increasing sea levels globally
Earth’s polar ice melts, increasing sea levels globally

Many people have seen the movie “The Day After Tomorrow”. The scene in the play is likely to be the tornado ice city breaking in a few hundred years on our earth, the temperature drops sharply, the ice storm comes, earthquakes, floods, etc. These are not fantasies. If we don’t stop the destruction, this will become a reality. Global warming is not just the weather getting hotter. It will be involved.

Daytime: When sunlight shines on the earth, part of the energy is absorbed by the atmosphere, part is reflected to the universe, and about 47% of the energy is absorbed by the earth’s surface.

Night: At night, the earth’s surface emits the heat absorbed during the day to the universe in the form of infrared rays, some of which are also absorbed by the atmosphere.

The atmosphere is like a greenhouse covered with glass, which retains a certain amount of heat, so that the earth does not rise sharply in temperature when exposed to the sun and drop sharply when not exposed to the sun, like the moon without an atmosphere. Some theories believe that the increase in greenhouse gases has increased the geothermal energy retained by the earth as a whole, leading to global warming.


Increase income and reduce expenditure: Research and develop clean and pollution-free energy, such as solar energy, heat, wind power, hydropower, tides hydrogen fuel, etc. The use of this new energy can avoid the production of CO2 on the one hand, and make full use of resources on the other hand. Encourage businesses to develop low-energy-consuming and low-pollution industries, strengthen the improvement or elimination of high-energy-consuming and high-pollution industries, strengthen industrial upgrading, introduce relevant technologies, and give priority to reducing carbon dioxide emissions from high-energy-consuming and high-pollution industries.

Green prescription: Stop cutting down original tropical rainforests. Tropical rainforests absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. Large-scale logging will increase the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, making it difficult for solar radiation heat to be reflected after it is transmitted to the surface of the earth. Therefore, we must prevent the destruction of existing forests on the one hand, plan afforestation on the other hand, and cultivate plants in large quantities to play their role in purifying the atmosphere.

The early human activity ability, that is, the ability to destroy nature, was very weak, and at most it could only cause changes in the microclimate of local areas, so for millions of years, people and nature could live in peace. However, the situation has changed since the Industrial Revolution. Industrialization means burning a large amount of coal and oil, which means emitting a huge amount of waste gas into the earth’s atmosphere.

Among them, carbon dioxide gas causes the atmospheric greenhouse effect, causing global warming, melting of polar ice, and rising sea levels; sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides can form acid rain; chlorofluorocarbon gas can destroy the high-altitude ozone layer, causing the Antarctic ozone hole and the thinning of the global ozone layer.

In addition, the polluted gases emitted by industrialization have also turned cities where humans live into islands of extremely high concentrations of atmospheric pollution… While developing the economy and improving the quality of life, humans have also caused great disasters.

Many disasters seem to be natural disasters, but in fact, they are often man-made disasters caused by humans themselves. The destroyed earth’s atmosphere is taking terrible revenge on humans, and nature will never forgive humans for their ignorance.

To save our earth’s environment, reduce the greenhouse effect, and not destroy the earth’s beautiful future for your beautiful day!

Earth's climate system is disrupted by greenhouse gases
Earth’s climate system is disrupted by greenhouse gases

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