Greenhouse Effect: Comprehensive Summary in 1 Article

Greenhouse Effect : Comprehensive Summary in 1 Article

The greenhouse effect is the atmosphere storing heat radiated by sunlight. Since the industrial revolution, factory exhaust and car exhaust have emitted large amounts of carbon dioxide greenhouse gas. The average temperature of the earth’s atmosphere has increased, and when hot weather occurs, the greenhouse effect is thermal pollution.

The heat of the sun enters the atmosphere, and the atmosphere plays a role in preserving temperature. On a clear day, the sun is relatively warm. When the sun goes down at night, the atmosphere stores the temperature brought by the sunlight during the day, so the temperature difference between day and night is not large.

Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is a greenhouse gas with good temperature storage performance. The higher the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the higher the temperature will be. In direct proportion, the less carbon dioxide, the temperature will drop.

The leaves of green plants and forest vegetation absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through photosynthesis and release oxygen to achieve natural temperature regulation. Oxygen is a refrigeration gas. The Amazon rainforest is the largest forest on earth, and the Brazilian government protects the Amazon rainforest.

Human causes of the greenhouse effect

Forests are being cut down,In order to open up wilderness, people build cities and use trees to build furniture. Large areas of forests are artificially destroyed. The forest area is reduced, the number of oxygen generators of green leafy plants is reduced, and the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere becomes higher.

Since the Industrial Revolution, the earth’s energy, petroleum, oil fields, coal mines, and natural gas have been developed and utilized. Burning petroleum, coal, and natural gas releases a large amount of carbon dioxide. Household gas furnaces, automobile exhaust emissions, and factory exhaust emissions have increased global temperatures.

The sunspot activity cycle affects the increase in the earth’s temperature. If the sunspot activity on the sun’s surface decreases, the earth’s temperature will decrease.

In 2021, Kuwait experienced a high temperature of 50 degrees, the road temperature was close to 70 degrees, and the asphalt road was melted. Kuwait is a desert area with low annual rainfall, little vegetation, desertification, drought and little rain, and a large temperature difference between day and night. In summer, the temperature in the desert is over 40 degrees Celsius, and at night the temperature drops below zero.

China’s Kubuqi Desert is artificially planted with trees, and the green vegetation area has reached 18,600 square kilometers, which is equivalent to three times the area of Shanghai.

greenhouse effect to combat climate change
greenhouse effect to combat climate change

Greening the desert will help improve the natural environment.

Greening the desert will help improve the natural environment. The desert is a barren land and lacks water resources. There are also some plants, cacti, and animals living in the desert, such as camels, lizards, rattlesnakes, etc. Afforestation, deserts form forests, and trees will store nutrient moisture in the soil, which can increase annual rainfall and improve the greenhouse effect.

In the development of new energy, petroleum and coal on the earth are the remains of ancient organisms. Geological movements were buried underground. After millions of years of high temperature and pressure, petroleum and coal were formed. The development and utilization of petroleum and coal polluted the atmosphere.

Scientists speculate that if petroleum and coal are mined too fast, all petroleum and coal on earth will be used up within 300 years. So people are looking for new energy, electric energy, solar energy, wind energy. Electric energy has almost no pollution and is green and environmentally friendly.

The Three Gorges Dam Hydropower Station uses water impulse to drive generator sets to generate electricity, solar panels use sunlight to generate electricity, and wind turbines use wind power to generate electricity. Electric energy gradually enters people’s daily lives, and electric cars, electric buses, and battery cars appear. The emergence of electric energy vehicles saves the refueling of petroleum vehicles, reduces exhaust emissions of petroleum vehicles, reduces air pollution, and improves the greenhouse effect.

The greenhouse effect is exacerbated
The greenhouse effect is exacerbated

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