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China's population and energy consumption

China’s population and energy consumption

In the quest for a more harmonious relationship between development and the environment, it has been recognized that there are three interrelated components of human influence, which can be thought of as the product of population, consumption, and technological factors. Impact on the environment = population × consumption × technology. In China, the demographic factor

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The misunderstanding of energy use - modern high-energy agriculture

The “misunderstanding” of energy use – modern high-energy agriculture

Every inch of fertile soil is a complex organic system. In this system, the substances necessary for life rely on solar energy to cycle over and over again, from plants to animals, to bacteria in the soil, and back to plants. In addition to many other nutrient chemicals, carbon and nitrogen are the two basic

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Coal mining

Coal mining

Coal is the most abundant part of fossil energy, and coal is also the most serious energy source that pollutes the environment. Coal mining methods can be divided into open-pit mining and underground mining. Open-pit mining accounts for about 1/3 of the world, and underground mining accounts for about 2/3. Coal often coexists with methane

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What is thermal pollution

What is thermal pollution?

Among the environmental effects of energy, in addition to toxic and harmful chemical pollutants, atmospheric greenhouse effect, radioactive substances, etc., thermal pollution is also a kind of ecological environmental pollution in the process of energy utilization. Thermal pollution refers to environmental pollution caused by waste heat emitted by humans in various production and living activities

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