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Approval of the Electricity Regulatory Authority

Japanese company develops the world\\\'s most efficient solar panels

Renewable energy is negotiating to finance a 20 megawatt solar plant

President of the Oasis City: Construction of solar power stations for the villages of the neighborhood

Yemen: 100 families in Tabh Belhaj benefit from the project of distribution of the solar system funded by the European Union and UNDP

Qatar: Qatar Solar starts production of 8000 metric tons per year

Syria: With the participation of 6 specialized national companies .. Opening of the renewable energy exhibition at the Directorate of Environment Latt

Hurghada is witnessing the first global race for solar cars and vehicles in the customs

Lebanon: the inauguration of a factory solar-powered and diesel hybrid in Lebanon

Swedy and Infinity are storming into the Kenyan market Solar Stations.

Qatar Charity illuminate through the Solar Valley of Fire

Solar achieving savings of up to Saudi Arabia $ 87 billion

Convoy of solar energy in the Gulf, including Kuwait!

Irrigation\" plans to make 26 wells with Solar system in New Valley\"

Palestine: solar-powered car in the streets of Gaza

Solar and wind energy projects in Saudi Arabia to save energy at home and help prolong the oil age

Jordan: the signing of agreements with associations for the installation of solar heaters for citizens

Housing Minister opens solar power plant to illuminate the road of Albraijat

Solar industry adds more than 70 thousand jobs in America during 2016

Jordan: 1700 MW electricity from renewable energy by 2019

87agricultural wells works with Solar energy in New Valley

Libya: Kajman and the Ambassador of Germany agree to strengthen cooperation in the field of solar energy

China achieved a record number in the production of solar energy in the world

Solar energy cars starting the race from the city of Hurghada, through five provinces

The completion of the sustainable city in Dubai end of 2018

Future energy projects in Tunisia, are estimated a $ 3 billion dollar

Jordan: Jordanian Renewable Energy Implement 200 thousand solar heaters

German business principles develop solar-powered car

Saudi Arabia Says It’s About to Launch a $30-$50 Billion Renewable Energy Program

Governor of New Valley: Delivery of 1500 acres for young people to be grown on 50 well shallow solar

The Ministry of Investment:Increased support for small and medium renewable energy projects

Tunisia expects to invest $ 15 billion in the energy sector until 2030

$ 5 billion investment from \"Aramco\" in renewable energy companies

Jordan inaugurate solar cooling project

Create a solar power plant at a cost of Cairo Faculty of planting six million pounds

\\\'\\\' Solar power plant \\\'\\\' covers 80 thousand homes with electricity for refugees of Zaatari

«Abu Dhabi Development» allocates 1.3 billion for energy projects in developing countries

Abdullah Omran Hospital in Ras Al Khaimah produce electricity from solar panels

Ukrainian delegation inspects Gharib road to set up a factory to produce solar cells

The use of renewable energy to provide electricity in a ritual facility in Mecca

Jordan: opening of a medical clinic with a solar-system in Mafraq

Sustainable city in Dubai\'s first residential project produces clean energy in the region.

Google provides Internet to remote areas through solar aircraft

First robot nautical with solar system

China invests 360 billion dollars in renewable energy

Dr. Hisham al-Askari : must exploit the desert of Egypt in solar energy

Start a project to install solar cells to power accidents Abu Salim Hospital

The first airport in Africa, a solar system powered